Risk & Portfolio Management

Dynamic Alerting

Desktop and scrolling alerts lend themselves to alerting fatigue. As a result, critical information is lost and response time slowed. Industry leaders are utilizing AlphaVision™ to provide valuable context around their alerts. You can now see your desktop alerts and KPI’s in context with the surrounding marketplace to provide faster response time to critical areas of importance.

Features and Benefits:

  • 3 visual alert types allow you to set multiple alerts on landscapes.
  • Create and save library of alerts to apply to different views
  • Rule based alerting lets you choose multiple metric thresholds to launch alerts.
  • Alert thresholds can be set off any metric in your system. View 5 metrics in landscape and use other metrics for your alerts.

New Sentiment and News Heat

Utilize proprietary new sentiments from Bloomberg, RavenPack, or Social Media Analytics (SMA) to look for News Sentiment Risk across your portfolio or watch list. Be alerted to real time changes in sentiment or new heat for stocks so you aren’t caught off guard.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Real time landscapes alert to changes in sentiment or news heat for stocks
  • Contextual views highlight individual stocks behavior vs peers or broader market.
  • Create custom watch list for your portfolio or view against indexes
  • Right click drill down to Bloomberg Terminal pages of selected stock, Yahoo Finance News, or other outside news source.
  • Dynamic Altering allows you to set custom rules based alerts on sentiment and heat

Real Time Risk Monitoring

Watch thousands of positions on one screen to spot risk as it develops. AlphaVision™ landscapes provide instant insight into your open positions reflecting position size, unrealized P & L, and VaR contribution. Group holdings by asset class, portfolio, trading desk, or broker and utilize one click drill down capabilities to see how individual securities are impacting aggregate holdings.

Key Features and Benefits

  • View positions or portfolio alone or overlaid on top of index or broader market to spot sector changes that may affect your holding’s performance
  • Drill up and down to view activity and performance by group, portfolio, desk, or trader
  • Real time landscapes show current position metrics (price, VaR, position size, position change)
  • Set dynamic alerting to notify you when thresholds breached

Real Time Aggregate Exposure

Monitor real time aggregate collateral exposure across the enterprise or department. As reporting cycles speed up, so does the need to stay on top collateral and counterparty risk exposure. Risk managers can spot transactional risk as it happens or at end of day to quickly assess enterprise risk.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Visual aggregation of position and counterparty risk metrics for efficient monitoring and reporting.
  • Replay streaming data from your database to view events as they occurred.
  • View risk at firm wide level and fast drill down to department, desk, and individual risk level.
  • Set custom alerts and thresholds to notify when breaches occur.
  • Intuitive stacked time series layouts provide key contextual information about what is happening, when it is happening, and what is happening around individual risk events.
  • Snapshot, save, and document points of interest to share with colleagues or highlight in reports

Portfolio Management

AlphaVision™ provides portfolio and asset managers with the ability to quickly evaluate portfolios holdings and cash positions against model or index performance benchmarks. Layering on real time market performance and indicators, managers can instantaneously determine if current market conditions are optimal for portfolio realignment.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • View all your portfolios on one screen for fast assessment of risk or opportunity
  • Drill down into portfolios to see individual components
  • View by portfolio, holdings, activity, attribution
  • High level view of performance and weighting key into holdings that need attention now.
  • See portfolio against real time market metrics to determine optimal time to rebalance
  • Intuitive views to share with clients to help them understand performance and allocation.

Executive Dashboards

AlphaVision™ landscapes make ideal Executive Dashboards by presenting the most relevant high level metrics on one screen and letting you drill down to the granular details. Roll up firm wide risk and performance then quickly drill down into region, branch, department and desk to understand how each level is contributing to the bottom line. Identify issues before it is too late.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Intuitive views to highlight firm wide risk, production, and performance.
  • Drill down to detail regional, office, and individual contributors.
  • Speed up reporting cycles with daily or weekly snapshots of KPIs.
  • Snapshot, save, and share point of interest with managers so they can take action.

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