September 15, 2016  | Aqumin’s AlphaVision® For the Buy Side Gaining Momentum

Aqumin LLC announced today they have executed a multi-user license agreement with a $7B assets under management multi-strategy hedge fund.  Aqumin’s AlphaVision® is a 3D visualization software platform used to optimize execution performance and evaluate real time market, order, and analytic data. Aqumin develops visual analysis and alerting applications for financial institutions.

AlphaVision™ enables users to visually track, monitor and evaluate vital areas of their portfolios, order flows, and watch lists.  Aqumin developed customized metrics from client data to integrate within AlphaVision’s visual 3D landscapes.

“Aqumin is excited about the early adoption of AlphaVision® in the target market.  We create visual solutions for aggregating multiple data sources allowing users to see patterns in data much faster and with greater intuition.  Large rapidly changing data coupled with client specific analytics shown in AlphaVision landscapes enable customers to see everything and miss nothing across entire markets. We believe Aqumin technology is the next step in helping the buy-side extract more value from their data. We look forward to growing AlphaVision’s presence and capability in this important market.” said Michael Zeitlin, CEO, Aqumin

About Aqumin

Aqumin LLC is a software company specializing in the aggregation of large and diverse data sets into seamless interpretive visual Landscapes for financial services. Aqumin’s flagship product, AlphaVision® brings 1000’s of data points into a single view where users can drill down and take action. AlphaVision® connects directly to the Bloomberg Terminal and EMSX leveraging the tremendous amount of data and information available.  With Aqumin technology, clients can See Everything and Miss Nothing™ in their data. Aqumin is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

September 8, 2014 | Calgary Scientific Enables Secure, Mobile Access to Aqumin’s 3D Visual Interpretation Software


 Calgary Scientific Inc. (CSI), a company known for enabling secure, mobile access to data intensive applications, is pleased to announce their partnership with Aqumin LLC., a Houston-based company who creates interactive 3D visual interpretation software for fast, actionable pattern recognition and data relationship extractions.

Calgary Scientific’s PureWeb platform was used to enable access to Aqumin’s AlphaVision™ software on any web or mobile device without the costly process of rewriting code. The joint offering empowers companies to interact and collaborate with the high performance, 3D application from any location. Both companies will offer the mobile data visualization tool that can be applied to existing software applications in financial market analysis, process and control monitoring or industries dealing with any form of big data.

“Aqumin’s 3D Landscape technology was created to enable users to interpret massive data sets visually so they can spot relational patterns instantly and take action. PureWeb enables us to meet enterprise client requirements that leverage cloud or centralized servers to take advantage of cost efficiencies and enhanced data security,” said Michael Zeitlin, CEO of Aqumin.

“Data analytics is referred to as the new frontier for business growth. Companies that can effectively leverage their data have a real competitive advantage,” said Pierre Lemire, President and CTO of Calgary Scientific. “Before, we looked at 100 data points to try and recognize relationships and identify outliers. With this joint solution, companies can now easily manage and process 10,000 data points from wherever they are to identify trends and watch patterns animate in real-time.”….MORE


June 24, 2014 | Aqumin Launches AWS Test Drive Environment for Visual Landscapes

Houston based, Aqumin LLC launched Amazon’s AWS Test Drive sandbox for its Visual Landscape Technology. Test Drive is a platform developed by Amazon Web Services to enable rapid provisioning and deployment of a private sandbox environment. Users can test drive an example of Aqumin’s software in action connected to real time financial market data and interact with thousands of securities instantly. Platform developers can explore the Aqumin landscapes to stimulate ideas about where the technology can be leveraged in their own applications to provide visual insight into public and proprietary data.

Aqumin technology is used to create and embed fully interactive, 3D visual data landscapes into existing platforms or new applications. Viewing and understanding large, moving data has never been easier. Aqumin landscapes connect to multiple real time data sources and allow users to view and interact with hundreds of thousands of multi-variable entities on one screen to spot opportunities, overlay positions, and identify patterns and risk faster. Users can drill up and down through data and connect to action points directly from the landscape environment. Aqumin’s Interactive Data Landscapes bring a larger field of vision and unique insight into real-time intraday activity and historical trends. Big Data is revealed in context, for fast pattern recognition and data relationship extractions.

“Clients and partners utilize Aqumin technology in Financial Services, Process Control, and other verticals where understanding large moving data quickly is vital. Aqumin is excited to be launching a Test Drive environment on AWS that will enable users to experiment with Aqumin’s visual data landscapes with an eye toward incorporating landscape technology into their own applications. Web delivery and server side rendering is an important step for Aqumin in meeting client and partner requirements for delivery across devices. Clients will now have more options to gain visual insight into their data by leveraging the storage, processing, and delivery efficiencies of AWS Redshift, s3, and EC2.” said Adam Golla, Aqumin EVP, Business Development.,

Aqumin partnered with Calgary Scientific and leveraged their PureWeb technology to cloud-enable their Visual Landscape solution.


December 9, 2013 | Xenomorph Integrates Aqumin AlphaVision into TimeScape

Xenomorph, the analytics and data management solutions provider to global financial institutions, announced today that it has integrated Aqumin’s AlphaVision™ visual landscape environment with Xenomorph’s TimeScape.

The partnership enables users to define, analyze and store data as interactive three-dimensional (3-D) landscapes based on multi-sourced data and analytics in TimeScape. Using the capabilities of AlphaVision™, users can visualize and interpret large, multi-dimensional datasets and quickly identify points or regions of particular interest. Leveraging the Aqumin SDK, the integration also enables users to navigate and drill down from points on a landscape directly to further visual landscapes, or back to the specific dataset in TimeScape.

“Aqumin’s 3-D visual landscapes offer new levels of data insight and interactivity that are directly applicable to all areas of trade, risk and data quality analysis,” said Brian Sentance, Chief Executive Officer, Xenomorph. “Illustrating the multi-dimensional capabilities of AlphaVision™, one of the TimeScape data quality landscapes can show color indicating the number of flat spots, base area proportional to the data spikes observed and height relating to the number of gaps in the data, for each instrument’s price or rate history. A user can start with a large instrument universe and quickly zoom in to a particular instrument, and optionally select to see further visualizations along any metric of interest. We have also built other examples looking at index analysis, performance attribution and price behavior during market crashes. “

“Integrating Xenomorph TimeScape’s multi-sourced data and analytics management with our AlphaVision™ solution is an extremely powerful combination,” commented Michael Zeitlin, Chief Executive Officer, Aqumin. “In a time where regulatory and compliance requirements are driving clients to consume and manage more and more data, the combination of TimeScape with the visual landscape capabilities of AlphaVision™ enables clients to identify data issues and opportunities faster than ever before.”


July 3, 2013 | Aqumin Bows Alerting, Boosts Display Capacity

Houston, Texas-based data visualization software vendor Aqumin has enhanced its AlphaVision and OptionVision heatmap “landscapes” to make price and volume…

Inside Market Data | News | Data Display & Analytics | 03 Jul 2013


June 11, 2013 |Aqumin Leverages Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Use Aqumin landscape technology with Micosoft SQL 2012 to maximize insight into your data. Aqumin technology is now compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and allows you to leverage the full power of the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 suite. From enhanced data warehousing abilities and high availability featured by Always On to the powerful BI applications native to 2012, SQL Server 2012 stores, processes and delivers like never before. Applying Aqumin’s landscape technology to that data allows you to spot the trends, patterns, and outliers in multidimensional data faster than ever before. Aqumin and Microsoft partner to bring you actionable information to the forefront faster.


April 10, 2013 |The Options Institute introduces CBOE 3DTM

Aqumin and Options Research & Technology Services (ORATS) today announced “CBOE 3D” — using OptionVision™ software – for the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), the largest U.S. options exchange and creator of listed options. CBOE 3D gives CBOE Web site visitors the ability to spot opportunities and risk in S&P 500® Index Options (SPXSM), S&P 100® Index Options (OEX®), Dow Jones Industrial Average Index Options (DJX), and CBOE Volatility Index® (VIX®) Options by offering an end-of-day “snapshot” of the
day’s biggest moves.

“ORATS is excited to be providing the OptionVision™ views to the CBOE website visitors. Users clearly and accurately see the important trading action by viewing relative volume and change in volatility in a 3D landscape.” said Matt Amberson, Principal of Option Research & Technology Services, LLC.

“We are excited to add CBOE 3D to our extensive group of online educational tools” said Debra Peters, Vice President of The Options Institute at CBOE. For nearly 30-years The Options Institute has been the go-to place for options and volatility educational resources, and we continually look to introduce new and unique tools for our customers.”

“Aqumin is pleased to partner with ORATS and CBOE to bring out the full information
contained in Option data using Aqumin’s unique 3D interactive landscapes. Seeing data in this way helps avoid missing opportunities that often go by quickly when data is seen as
numbers or charts alone. OptionVision™ enables trading professionals to see the entire market at once and not miss a thing.” said Michael Zeitlin, CEO, Aqumin LLC.


November 12, 2012 | Aqumin and ORATS Release Option Analytics Visualization Software

Aqumin LLC and Option Research & Technology Services (ORATS) today announced the release of OptionVisionTM – an integration of ORATS’ option analytics data and Aqumin’s 3D visual interpretation system. OptionVision™ provides an entirely new and better way to view option related data. By integrating proprietary ORATS option data into Aqumin’s interactive 3D landscapes, market participants are able to monitor options metrics for an underlying security across all strikes and expirations on one screen. Traders, risk managers, and market participants can spot opportunities, risk, and market
changes in seconds.

OptionVision™ is offered on a subscription basis for $99/month. This product includes multiple, predefined Views for Stocks and Options (Relative Volume, Implied Volatility Change, and Stocks performance against Historic Metrics). The intuitive landscapes reflect multiple variables letting users identify changes in volume and volatility faster than ever with the ability to easily drill down into the data. Sorting through option tables will be a thing of the past. A two week free trial is available at


October 3, 2012 |DataArt Partners with Aqumin; Announces Benefits for Investment Banking Clients

DataArt, a custom software development firm that builds advanced solutions for select industries, today announced a partnership with Aqumin LLC, a 3D real-time visual interpretation solution. The partnership will enable DataArt investment banking and wealth management clients to improve user experience, enhance real-time data management, and add new monitoring capabilities, allowing traders, portfolio managers, and risk analysts to extract more value from their quoted and proprietary data.

“DataArt’s partnership with Aqumin will allow our clients to
benefit from advanced 3D visualization and to interact with multidimensional
data in real-time on their desktops. This is an extremely valuable feature in the areas of portfolio, risk and market monitoring, visual data validation and data analytics,” said Oleg Komissarov, SVP of Enterprise Solutions at DataArt. “We are happy to offer our clients customized solutions built using Aqumin’s Alpha Visiontechnology, as well as the ability to integrate it with their existing software platforms.”


August 20, 2012 | Aqumin and ORATS Announce OptionVision™

Aqumin LLC and Option Research & Technology Services (ORATS) today announce the upcoming release of OptionVisionTM – an integration of ORATS’ option analytics data and Aqumin’s 3D visual interpretation system. OptionVision™ provides an entirely new and better way to view option related data effortlessly. OptionVision™ enables traders, risk managers, and market participants to spot opportunities, risk, and market changes in seconds, not minutes. By displaying proprietary ORATS option data integrated into Aqumin’s interactive 3D landscapes, market participants are able to monitor options metrics for an underlying security across all strikes and expirations on one screen. The intuitive landscapes reflect multiple variables letting users identify changes in volume and volatility faster than ever. Sorting through option tables will be a thing of the past. (Click for Image)
“OptionVision™ really is what the market has been waiting for. It is finally an easy way to look at all the options in one stock (or many stocks), see where the action is, and see how the volatility is moving. It is the perfect tool for the daily volatility analysis we do at Option Pit.” said Mark Sebastian, Director of Education, OptionPit


July 18, 2012 |MDX Technology and Aqumin to enter
into strategic Market Data Connectivity Partnership

Aqumin and MDX Technology (MDXT) have agreed to enter into a strategic partnership leveraging MDXT’s Connect market data connectivity software with Aqumin’s dynamic visual interface and interpretation tool, AlphaVision™.

By integrating the two software packages, users will be able to seamlessly connect to multiple real time market data sources, including Bloomberg, NYSE, SunGard, Thomson Reuters, TIBCO and a roadmap of 10 other providers including Activ Financial, through MDXT’s Connect middleware and utilize AlphaVision’s front end visual landscape technology to maximize market insight. Through MDXT, Aqumin brings real time feeds into an interactive 3D landscape allowing users to quickly spot trends, outliers, and opportunities across markets and asset classes for thousands of securities on one screen. By enabling market participants to monitor more securities at once, and spot relational changes against other securities or benchmarks, AlphaVision™ provides access to more
opportunities and a faster way to monitor market risk and take full advantage
of “Big Data”.


June 18, 2012 | ORATS, Aqumin Ally for Options Analytics Visualizations

Author: Vicki Chan Source: Inside Market Data


July 22, 2011 | Financial -Technology Entrepreneurs Present Latest Innovations to Wall Street Executives and Venture Capitalists

Big Banks Provide Aid to Start-up Companies in the
Financial Technology Sector

NEW YORK; July 22, 2011 – Six entrepreneurs today gave the venture community a first look at a range of cutting-edge financial technology innovations they developed over the past three months, with the guidance and support of some of the world’s leading banks and venture capitalists. In March, the six were selected from a field of more than 90 start-up companies that applied to participate in the annual FinTech Innovation Lab. The Lab was created by the New York City Investment Fund, the economic development arm of the Partnership for New York City, and Accenture (NYSE: ACN) to ensure that New York maintains its leadership in global finance – an industry which is increasingly driven by technological innovation…..


January 2, 2011 | Aqumin Releases Retail Heatmap Display

TX-based data visualization software vendor Aqumin has released
a basic version of its heatmap display software aimed at active retail
options traders, investment advisers and portfolio managers, in response
to demand from interested users outside the vendor’s core client base.


June 24, 2010 | Aqumin and Perceptive Pixel Announce Touch-Screen

Aqumin LLC and Perceptive Pixel, Inc. today announce the debut of their touch-screen capability for market professionals, and broadcast media outlets at the SIFMA Technology Conference. Aqumin is a financial services company specializing in the integration of large scale complex data into a single easy to interpret visual environment. Their collaboration with Perceptive Pixel is another milestone in their development of state-of-the-art visualization technology for the financial markets. This interactive capability will help market professionals better collaborate on Risk Analysis and the KPI that they monitor every day.


June 22, 2010 | Aqumin Announces New Version of AlphaVision™

Aqumin LLC today announced the unveiling of AlphaVision™ 2.5 at the SIFMA Financial Services Technology Expo in New York. AlphaVision™ 2.5 provides the first ever Options Landscape. Traders can instantly compare multiple option classes for hundreds of underliers on one screen in real time.


November 30, 2009 | Chicago Board Options Exchange to Use Aqumin Technology

AlphaVision™ will be used by the Chicago Board Options Exchange to enhance the sophisticated data management systems already in place. AlphaVision™ will allow CBOE personnel to visually track, monitor and evaluate vital areas of interest faster, more efficiently and with greater accuracy than was possible before. Aqumin developed customized SQL/XML metrics to facilitate rapid integration of CBOE data into AlphaVision’s visual landscapes.

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