Aqumin Landscapes are an intuitive and efficient human interface to large, moving data. Monitoring, analyzing, and ad hoc discovery of your data has never been faster or easier. For data intense industries and lines of business where it is critical to turn data into actionable information.

About the Technology

Aqumin’s 3D Landscape technology was created to enable users to interpret massive data sets visually so they can spot relational patterns instantly and take action. This visual data exploration environment is used for monitoring, alerting, and exploring large moving data. It enables users to connect to multiple data sources (real time and static) and create interactive visual data landscapes. These data landscapes can be embedded into existing platforms or used to create new applications. Aqumin technology deploys on the desktop or on cloud based or centralized servers for Enterprise clients.

  • Display and interaction with over 500,000 entities and 5 variables per entity per landscape
  • Visual aggregation of Multiple Data Feeds
  • Drill Up and Down through layers of data
  • Full user Interactivity; zoom, pan, rotate and tilt landscapes
  • Rapid view creation or modification
  • Rule based Alerting
  • Actionable Connection to other applications

AlphaVision® for the Buy Side

Developed for front office professionals, AlphaVision for the Buy Side connects directly to popular market data and EMS APIs to help you gain contextual insight into real time order and execution data and the market data and events that impact those orders.

AlphaVision gives buy side users a powerful new way to interact with all their working orders on one screen. Pre Trade, Intra Trade, and Post Trade views allow traders and risk managers to spot outliers and risk in executions faster and create, cancel, or modify orders directly from the landscape. Use the landscapes to minimize execution risk and maximize opportunity.

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Data Connection, Universes, and Metrics:

  • Automatically connects to Bloomberg Market Data, Reference Data and EMSX APIs
  • All Order and Route Blotter data
  • Easy access Library of global indexes.
  • Access to your Bloomberg Portfolios, Baskets, and Watch lists
  • Custom Calculations and Metrics- Create your own metrics using proprietary calculations based off Bloomberg metrics.

Landscape Views: Market Data

  • Multi Variable Data Representation. Create and interact with landscapes depicting 1,000s of securities and up to 5 metrics per security.
  • Real Time updating landscapes.
  • View Library of landscapes for real time market data and fundamental analysis.
  • User generated views. Create and save your own views using the data universes and Bloomberg metrics that matter to you.
  • Drill Down to Orders and Routes from favorite views.

Landscape Views: EMS Specific

  • Individual Trader or Team views
  • Overlay Orders onto global Indexes
  • Overlay market data and real time benchmarks on orders or order data on securities.
  • Drill down from index or basket to see all individual orders on a security or group.
  • Create, cancel, or modify EMSX Orders directly from the landscape.

Additional Features

  • Direct landscape connection to Bloomberg Terminal. Select a security in the landscape and automatically populate your Bloomberg Terminal with detailed security info.
  • Multi-view dashboards. Configure multiple landscapes in the dashboard or tear off to another monitor.

AlphaVision™ Integration

AlphaVision™ for Excel enables next generation Visual Landscapes within the Microsoft Excel platform. AlphaVision reads Excel spreadsheets in real time, so if your data updates in Excel, it will immediately update your visual landscape. Create new views in minutes and save to the Excel workbook for easy transfer to colleagues. Features

  • Easy view creation of any data in your Excel spreadsheet.
  • View Library. Save views directly to your workbook and share with other AlphaVision Excel users.
  • Updating landscapes. Landscapes update with your spreadsheet.
  • Time series, 3d heat maps (tree map), and cross plots views.
  • Dynamic Alerting. Set multi-rule based alerts when analyzing thousands of entities.
  • Direct connection to web services or other applications. Assign connection to ancillary systems to deliver user from actionable data to action point.

Professional and retail Options Traders can view entire option chains for individual stocks or entire sectors on one screen to spot opportunities and risk faster. Aqumin partner Option Research and Technology Services (ORATS) developed OptionVision using Aqumin landscape technology to deliver and display ORAT’s proprietary option volatility and relative volume calculations for every option contract trading on North American stocks. Use pre-configured views or manually enter securities to easily spot daily and intra-day changes in volatility and volume. Find more information about our partner product (HERE– link to


  • Desktop delivery of ORATS Option data via Aqumin data landscapes
  • Updating Implied Volatility and Volume data for all North American Option Contracts. Updates approximately every 5 minutes.
  • View library of predefined Stock and Option Views
  • Short term (intra day) and long term (10 day-20 day or 30 day-60 day) volatility changes.
  • View entire option chain for one security or all chains for a sector on one screen.
  • Create and save custom watch lists.

Aqumin partner Xenomorph created an AlphaVision plug in to their analytics and data management system, TimeScape. The plug-in enables users to define, analyze and store data as interactive three-dimensional (3-D) landscapes based on multi-sourced data and analytics in TimeScape. Using the capabilities of AlphaVision™, users can visualize and interpret large, multi-dimensional datasets and quickly identify points or regions of particular interest. Leveraging the Aqumin SDK, the integration also enables users to navigate and drill down from points on a landscape directly to further visual landscapes, or back to the specific dataset in TimeScape. The 3-D visual landscapes offer new levels of data insight and interactivity that are directly applicable to all areas of trade, risk and data quality analysis. Find more information about our partner product (HERE).

Partners and enterprise customers use Aqumin’s Software Development Kit to create solution specific applications that highlight their data and analytics. Interested in embedding Aqumin’s landscape technology into your enterprise applications or platforms to bring your data to the forefront? Contact us.

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