3D Visualization for Big Data

High-performance, interactive, real-time aggregation of data from multiple data sources to gain contextual insight.

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Watch AlphaVision’s® Visual Data Aggregation Action (Video)

See the advantages of this highly dynamic tool and how it can transform the Buy Side experience for traders and risk managers. Our data visualization platform combines data streams for faster consumption of actionable information and streamlines execution.

We invite you to view this video and continue to explore AlphaVision®.

Highly Visual & Interactive 3D Environment

  1. Drag & Rotate the screen to view visual analytics from any angle.
  2. Custom color code the graphics yourself to help visually guide you to key information as it changes in real-time.
  3. Visually Identify trends. Easily click to select items that catch your attention.
  4. Clicking an item prompts management dialogue tools for immediate action on crucial information.

Visual Analytics for Big Data

Aqumin’s Interactive Data Landscapes bring a larger field of vision and unique insight into real-time intra-day activity and historical trends. Aqumin’s interactive data landscapes reveal outliers, pattern recognition, and important contextual information in large data. Aqumin partners with Big Data solution providers to create or embed best in class visual analytics for top to bottom solutions.


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Technical Integration & Support

  • AlphaVision® Excel Add In

  • OptionVision®

  • AlphaVision® for Timescape by Xenomorph

  • Direct landscape connection to Bloomberg Terminal

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Financial Services Solutions

Aqumin has developed a suite of products for Financial Services for the Front, Middle, and Back office that solve specific pain points related to extracting actionable information from large, moving data. Aqumin landscapes are key in turning data into information and seamlessly delivering the user to the action point. Decrease human latency through Aqumin’s human interface to complex data.


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Buy Side Applications for Trading and Execution Management

  • OMS & EMS Integration
  • Real Time TCA
  • Options Trading
  • Trade Idea Generation
  • Cross Asset Market Monitoring
  • New Sentiment and Heat

Risk and Portfolio Management

  • Dynamic Alerting
  • News Sentiment and Heat
  • Real Time Risk Monitoring
  • Real Time Aggregate Exposure
  • Portfolio Management
  • Executive Dashboards

Regulatory and Operations

  • Market Surveillance
  • Transaction Mapping
  • Exception Reporting
  • Latency Monitoring
  • Enterprise Data Management
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