Buy Side Applications

Aqumin Buy Side Applications for Trading and Execution Management

Buy Side Traders, head of desk, and risk managers have a new weapon. Aqumin’s visual system connected to their EMS and OMS provides real time visual insight into all their orders and executions. Spot hidden liquidity, track orders against benchmarks, and analyize execution performance on one screen. Pre-trade, intra-trade, and post-trade views will add transparency to details that often get buried in data.


OMS and EMS Integration

Spot outliers, gain context, and take action on your active orders through Aqumin’s integration with your EMS or OMS. Defined Pre Trade, Intra Trade, and Post Trade landscape views cover every aspect of the trade life cycle to key you into risks and opportunities in real time. Take action directly from the landscape to create, cancel, or modify orders. Having a hard time monitoring hundreds or thousands of parent orders with multiple variables on your blotters? Use AlphaVision landscapes to put them all on one screen to spot opportunity faster. AlphaVision has prebuilt connection to Bloomberg Market Data API and Bloomberg EMSX API (see Products page). Interested in connecting to other EMS system or your OMS? Contact us.


Key Features and Benefits:

Pre Trade:

  • Direct connection to Bloomberg Market Data API gives you access to all BBG metrics
  • Monitor baskets, portfolios, and watch lists to spot opportunist trades and potential risk
  • Research your stocks with intuitive fundamental analysis views to save time and effort
  • Create orders directly from the landscape through direct connection to your EMS.
  • Set alerts to notify you of unexpected liquidity, adverse news sentiment, or price action

Intra Trade

  • Monitor Individual Traders or Teams in real time with direct connection to their EMS
  • See all working orders on one screen against real time Bloomberg benchmarks
  • Customize your benchmarks to view against working orders
  • Modify or cancel orders directly through the landscape to be more passive or aggressive

Post Trade

  • Analyze your parent and child orders in an intuitive landscapes to spot trends and outliers
  • Drill down from Parent Order view to child views of all executions
  • See the entire trade life cycle of 1000’s of child executions across days or weeks vs benchmarks
  • View all executions by exchanges, brokers, or strategies on one screen to gauge performance of one vs peers
  • Document outliers with screenshot to save and send to relevant parties


Real Time TCA

Transaction cost plays an important part of Alpha generating strategies. AlphaVision’s TCA capabilities allow traders and portfolio managers to monitor multiple asset classes against key benchmarks in real time to spot opportunities for optimal execution.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Watch all your positions and watch lists on one screen
  • Monitor baskets and portfolios against key benchmarks
  • Use any Bloomberg benchmark or create your own
  • Monitor real time spreads against price and benchmarks
  • Create custom watch lists and portfolios
  • Pre-Built views with focus on VWAP, Average Daily Volume, Volatility, Bid Ask Spreads, and High Low Spreads.
  • Drill down to granular details at tick by tick level

Options Trading

Options traders, risk managers, and stock traders can spot volume and volatility changes across all strikes and expirations in seconds with OptionVision™. Aqumin has partnered with Option Research and Technology Services (ORATS) to provide context to options data. Strike by strike, real time, or historical, OptionVision™ interactive landscapes give instant access to key option pricing metrics enabling faster comprehension and response time to actionable opportunities.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Relative Volume views show deviations in expected volume for stocks and option strikes
  • Volatility views show short and long term changes in Volatility for stocks and options.
  • Total return views highlight weekly performance against volatility changes.
  • View full option chains by underlier, by sector, or by top movers.
  • Pre-built option views for
    • Abnormal Volume: Relative Volume against Implied Volatility change on day
    • Curves: Mid Implied Volatility and Implied Volatility change on day
  • Create and save custom watch lists

Trade Idea Generation

Portfolio managers and analysts research stocks and securities using AlphaVision to add important contextual information to their research and design strategies accordingly. Leveraging Bloomberg’s wealth of information, users are able to view entire sectors or baskets on one screen to spot outliers, patterns and trends in performance, dividends, and earnings.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Relative Performance views show security 5day and 3 month performance vs peers and benchmark index on one screen. Great for spotting trend reversals.
  • Sales and Earnings views find stocks with strong ales and positive earnings surprises.
  • Healthy dividend views find companies that are growing dividends and have the fundamentals to continue to grow and pay dividends.
  • Price, Cash, and Earnings view helps find stocks that are underpriced relative to the index and have strong free cash flow relative to their stock price.
  • Volatility views key you into both long and short term volatility changes at the stock or option level to spot risk or opportunity in your portfolio.
  • Sector, Index, Basket, and Watch list views provide context to individual names.
  • Drill up and down through sectors or sub sectors

New Sentiment and News Heat

Utilize proprietary new sentiments from Bloomberg, RavenPack, or Social Media Analytics (SMA) to look for News Sentiment Risk across your portfolio or watch list. Be alerted to real time changes in sentiment or new heat for stocks so you aren’t caught off guard.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Real time landscapes alert to changes in sentiment or news heat for stocks
  • Contextual views highlight individual stocks behavior vs peers or broader market.
  • Create custom watch list for your portfolio or view against indexes
  • Right click drill down to Bloomberg Terminal pages of selected stock, Yahoo Finance News, or other outside news source.
  • Dynamic Altering allows you to set custom rules based alerts on sentiment and heat

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